Community Relations and Racial Equity Committee Meeting

Wed, Apr 3, 2019 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Welcome to the NOBL’s Community Relations and Racial Equity Committee! This will be our first meeting, orienting to the group's defined scope of work, understanding definitions, and starting on a local power analysis. You can read a description of the committee's role below. Feel free to come check out the meeting and/or commit to joining this group now.

This committee has defined responsibilities (bullets) to operate at least the remainder of 2019. It is required to include at least one NOBL board or staff member. Additional individuals can be recruited from the community. It would likely meet late in the month to report back to the board on the second Tuesday of the following month. Location could vary. It is intended to be a model for similar committees at other neighborhoods in the city and therefore likely to change somewhat as we find out what works. It would use a modest amount of NOBL’s next allocation of GVSU PILOT funds (event line) for meeting snacks. Its projects will be:

- Conducting a power analysis of the neighborhood (education, health, law enforcement, economics, environment, culture/religion); report back, guide work.
- Acquiring funds to engage Black Demographics or similar to provide a detailed demographic profile of our neighborhood; report back, guide work.
- Preliminary discussions of outreach, engagement and neighborhood decision making to provide recommendations for subsequent board conversations on those topics.
- Reaching out to additional entities such as Riverside Middle and Union High School, as well as businesses in the neighborhood to build relationships and raise funds.
- Preparing to make additional impacts at City Hall by proposing policy positions for the organization to the board and advocating on those that are approved.

The committee chair is Robin Benton, a NOBL board member who also runs the Undoing Racism Grand Rapids Facebook page.

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