Deadline Day - Release and Reunite All Immigrant Families

Thu, Jul 26, 2018 - 7:00pm to Fri, Jul 27, 2018 - 10:00pm


The court mandated deadline to reunite all families separated by ICE is fast approaching on July 26th. Currently, DHS has not been able to confirm they've even matched every child with their parent in custody, and less than one fifth have been reunited.

Even if they do, the Trump/Sessions DoJ will still be detaining them. This is reunification in cages, not community.

The Occupy ICE National coalition reject these terms. Families belong together free, and DHS must be abolished for this persecution of people of color. July 26th, the occupation continues with a national escalation to shut this genocidal machine down and protect our neighbors and friends.

Event program:
- 7-8 PM Gathering, art, sign-making
- 8-9 PM Rally/speaking program
- 9-10 PM General assembly

Donations and support always welcome!
- Monetary donations happily accepted through:
- Physical donations also appreciated, the following items are a particular need:
-- Water, juices and soda
-- Non-perishable food
-- Tents and camping supplies you don't mind losing.
-- Rope, string and bungee cords
-- USB chargers
-- Blankets
-- Sunscreen and bug spray
-- Tarps and ponchos
-- AA AAA and D batteries
-- Flashlights

- These are not needs, but would greatly enhance the eventual camping experience:
-- Wi-Fi Hot Spot
-- Video projector
-- Small solar generator

Rosa Parks Federal Building
333 Mt. Elliot, Detroit, Michigan 48207

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