Dying For Care: Rep. Trott

Sun, Jun 4, 2017 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm


On 6-4-17, at 2pm, constituents of the 11th Congressional District of Michigan and their allies will congregate at Representative David Trott's office to perform a die in, a symbolic form of peaceful protest to illustrate the unnecessary death that will result from the Republican AHCA legislation.

This event will run concurrently with numerous other organizations as part of a coordinated nationwide action to let our elected officials in D.C. know, we will not stay silent while Republicans strip 23 million people of their healthcare over the next ten years. We will not passively accept 14 million people losing their healthcare in the next year alone. We will not sit idle while “$992 billion in tax giveaways would go primarily to the wealthy and corporations, including drug manufacturers and health insurance companies.” We aim to impact the fate bill in the senate, or stop it from becoming law, should it return to the house.

The program will begin at 2pm, and we will hear from constituents firsthand how this bill will devastate people’s lives and the lives of their loved ones, as well as from healthcare professionals. From there, a preist will preside over this "preemptive funeral," and we will lay down for 2.3 minutes, symbolically, for the 23 million people who will lose their healthcare under this proposed legislation. When we arise, a prayer will be said by the preist for Representative Trott to do the right thing, should this bill return, and for Representative Trott himself. We will then proceed to leave our faux tombstones at the door (where we will tightly secure them) for Representative Trott to reflect upon come Monday morning.

Parking is available at the Troy Commons Shopping Center.

821 E Big Beaver Rd, Troy, MI 48083

(Please do not park at the bank, they have called the Troy police and we’ve had to move our cars in the middle of events before).

We look forward to seeing everyone who wants to be involved there.

If you are unable to make a faux tombstone, we will have blank ones and markers on site.

Die in and tomb making information - https://www.indivisibleguide.com/resource/die-in-planning-guide/

How to make a quick tombstone - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8PHDTt7beg&sns=fb

Source of the numbers above - http://levin.house.gov/sites/levin.house.gov/files/documents/AHCA%20CBO%20Cost%20Estimate%20%28May%2024%29%20Fact%20Sheet.pdf

If any new individuals or health care professionals wish to speak at the event about how the AHCA legislation will personally affect them or their loved ones, or if any faith leaders would be interested in presiding over this “preemptive funeral,” or if any other organizations wish to be involved, please contact the lead organizer, Bobbi Ebsen, bobbiebsen@gmail.com. Thank you.



625 E Big Beaver Rd, Troy, MI 48083-1402, United States


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