Healthcare for All Fundraiser

Wed, Jun 6, 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm


Join us for a discussion with health professionals and those who have been impacted the most by our failed healthcare system. We will discuss where we have been, where we are and what we can do to make sure every person in Michigan has healthcare as a right, regardless of their income.

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Healthcare is not a commodity, it is a necessity, a vital component of mental, emotional, social, and physical well-being and security for every individual and family across Michigan.

The security, health, and well-being of all people is the foundation on which our society is built. When society provides medical care based on need, rather than the ability to pay, we are each stronger and our society is stronger. Michigan needs a single-payer healthcare system that guarantees medical coverage to every person, regardless of income.

To join the host committee, please email our finance director: Brandon at

HOSTS: Brandon Betz, Melina Brann, Gillian Dawson, Dinah Dewald, Dr. Ayman Khafagi, Mircea Lazar, Sam Pernick, Zackary Reinhardt, Samantha Wilbur

Speakers: Melina Brann (Social Worker) Amanda Dolinski (Medicare for All - Michigan), Dr. Ayman Khafagi (Physician)

The Fledge
1300 Eureka, Lansing, Michigan 48912

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