Keep Siwatu Free House Party

Sat, Dec 15, 2018 - 5:00pm to 8:00pm

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Friends: Please join me for a house party fundraiser to #KeepSiwatuFree. I have committed $1500 to their fundraising efforts, and our goal is to match that over the course of this evening. It's not hard - 50 people giving $30 would get us there! Please join us for food, music, and merriment at my new home in Highland Park to support this worthy cause!

Not familliar with the story? Here's some information.

Siwatu-Salama Ra, a mother and community leader in Detroit, was just trying to defend her family when she was violently confronted by a person who rammed her vehicle into Siwatu’s parked car while Siwatu’s two-year old was playing inside, and then tried to use the vehicle to run Siwatu’s mother over. Fearing for their lives, Siwatu, who is a licensed concealed gun owner, held her weapon in plain sight, hoping it would stop the person from running them over. The gun was unloaded and no one was hurt. Still, she was sentenced to a mandatory two years in prison for “Felony Firearm” and because that gives the judge no discretion in sentencing, she was put behind bars and separated from her children and family.

As of November 14, 2018 and after 258 days in state prison, Siwatu-Salama Ra was released on bond. Siwatu’s legal team is pursuing various tactics, including reversal of the conviction and a commutation and/or pardon.

Right now she is enjoying being at home with her toddler and six month old baby (who she gave birth to while incarcerated) and is surrounded by her loved ones and her community.

This is a huge victory on our long road ahead toward freedom. Bringing her home was one of our most important steps. So many things are still unknown but one thing is certain. You all have been an incredible support to Siwatu and her family and through this long journey, we will continue to need your dedication and your support.

In legal struggles like the one we are facing, there are a tremendous amount of costs, and much of them are actually hard to anticipate. We’ve been in this for eight months now and we’re doing our best to estimate every cost we can. After careful consultation and much time spent in front of budgeting spreadsheets, we’ve decided that in this fundraising round we need to raise another $100,000 to #KeepSiwatuFree.

Thus far we have raised $5,000 and the numbers keep growing with each of your generous contributions.

These funds will go toward legal fees, family support, and organizing.

Legal fees:
The prison industrial complex is excruciatingly expensive for the people who it unjustly criminalizes. For Siwatu and her family this financial burden includes legal fees for the ongoing appeal process, for electronic monitoring, and other unexpected expenses that arise when being entangled within the prison system.

Family support:
The toll this has taken on the family is massive- and additional family support is also needed to cover lost wages as well as thousands of dollars spent on prison visits and calls.

Last but not least these funds will also go toward the movement building work of Siwatu and the Freedom Team that was formed through this crisis. After years of environmental justice activism, Siwatu has also committed her life to organizing for the liberation of all people impacted by the prison industrial complex, especially those who are incarcerated while pregnant.

How to make donations
*All funds can be donated directly to the donation link at the top right of
*If a non-profit donation is preferred for deductible donations that can be arranged as well.
*Do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions.

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