LEO Solidarity Brainstorm Session

Wed, Oct 4, 2017 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm


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On Wednesday, October 4 at 6:30PM, the Lecturers' Employee Organization union will be hosting a solidarity brainstorm session at our offices.

This session is an opportunity for us to hear from student/youth/community activists about how we can support and work with their organizations this year. It is also a chance for us to tell you about our fight for a fair contract during negotiations this year and actions and events where will we need your help.

Finally, it will be a great chance for organizations and activists in attendance to meet one another and talk. Food and drink will be served.
6:30PM-6:40PM Introductions (who are you? are you with an org/which/what do you all do?/how are you feeling about life?)

6:40PM-6:50PM Brief Introduction to LEO's contract campaign, mission to build community/student solidarity, and bargaining platform.

6:50-7:20PM Tell us what you need! Tell us what you want! Tell us how we can get to where you want to get!

7:20PM-7:30PM Sign-ups for LEO's rapid response solidarity team - for advertising urgent actions, post-bargaining updates, etc.

7:30PM-8:00PM What can solidarity with LEO look like? AND feedback on the student/community outreach we've done so far.

8:00PM-8:15PM Conclusions, if at all attainable!

8:15PM-Whenever You all can talk to each other and eat more food, and we'll get out of the way.


339 E. Liberty St, 3rd floor (Our building and offices are accessible)


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