Musicians & Artists Against Deportation: Busking for Demba

Sat, Nov 10, 2018 - 5:00pm to 8:00pm


Join us on Friday, August 10th, in downtown Ann Arbor to raise money for Ann Arbor resident Demba Bagayoko's deportation defense campaign.

If you are a musician or artist we need you! We plan to "busk for a cause" on Main Street. 100% of proceeds will go to pay for Demba's legal defense.

Bring your instruments, your easels, or just draw with our chalk to raise money to keep our friend in Ann Arbor.

Non-artsy types are welcome to help out too!

Demba's Story

Ann Arbor resident Demba Bagayoko is facing deportation to Mali after 17 years in Ann Arbor and 19 years in the United States.

Demba came to the US legally on a student VISA and went to college in New York. He later married and received his green card. Demba and his wife divorced following the death of their child.

ICE is now attempting to deport him by claiming that his marriage was not in good faith.

On July 23rd, Demba has a hearing in front of immigration Judge Jennifer Gorland in Detroit. At this hearing, he will be asked whether he has a lawyer or whether he wishes to represent himself.

Having a lawyer would drastically improve Demba’s chances of winning his case. Demba has found an excellent immigration lawyer willing to take his case, but needs $3,000 to retain a lawyer for the November court date.

So far our community has raised $1,898.09.

If you have the means, we would be extremely grateful for any contribution you could make to Demba’s legal defense. In this case, the personal is definitely political. While many of us feel at a loss to impact the national situation, this is something we can do to make a life-changing difference for one person.

Donate online if you wish here:

Main and Liberty, Ann Arbor


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