Officer Election and Kwanzaa celebration

Sat, Dec 15, 2018 - 10:00am to 12:00pm


Greetings members and supporters,

It has been an honor and a privilege for me to have served for the past two years as the Chair of the Washtenaw County Democratic Party Black Caucus. I appreciate so much the valuable officers and supporters who made my time as chair so successful! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We need to have elections in December so that the new officers can begin their amazing journey in January. I have received one nomination for Jimmy Wilson, Jr to take over as Chair. Our by-laws state that the co-chair has to be the opposite sex of the chair. So if we have a man as chair we need a woman as co-chair and vice versa. Please submit your nominations as soon as possible so that we may get the new officers in place.

The positions that are open are:

Events coordinator

and any other positions that the Chair deems necessary. Please submit your name and what position you are interested in right away so that we can organize a ballot for voting. Voting will occur at a meeting on December 15th at the LRC from 10-12 pm. That will also be the date for us to celebrate Kwanzaa. More details to follow.

Washtenaw County Learning Resource Center
4135 Washtenaw Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108

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