Osceola Township versus Nestle in Circuit Court

Wed, Aug 16, 2017 - 10:30am to 1:00pm


Nestle is suing Osceola Township. Nestle has asked for a stay(delay) for the lawsuit until the DEQ makes a descion on their permit to pump 400 gallons a minute in Osceola Township near Evart. Osceola Township has denied Nestle's permit request for a booster pump station. Osceola Township does not want a delay on lawsuit. So we are asking people to come to the Osceola Court House,holding signs outside supporting Osceola Township at 10:30. The hearing begins at 11am on August 16th. If you can come please leave a message in the comments area so we can get a estimated count of how many can rally behind Osceola Township. MCWC will have some signs to hand out or you can bring your own. We will meet behind the court house on the corner of Park and Slosson then walk to front of Court House.


Osceola County Courthouse
301 W Upton Ave, Reed City, Michigan 49677

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