Pack the Courtroom! Support Climate Strike Organizers

Mon, Jun 17, 2019 - 9:00am to 12:00pm


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Please support eight of the Climate Strike arrestees by coming to their court arraignment on Monday, June 17th. They were arrested during the sit-in on March 15th and are being charged with trespassing misdemeanors.

We want to pack the courtroom to show support in a quiet and respectful way (it is imperative we don’t disrupt the courtroom and anger the judge). Wear GREEN!

They will be in courthouse 1, courtroom 3 (fifth floor).

You will need to bring an ID, and cannot bring any recording devices (e.g. phone, laptop, etc) into the courthouse.

This will likely be short, and no final verdict will be made.

To be clear: we are in protest of the fact that the University and the criminal justice system has decided to spend more energy and time criminalizing these organizers instead of investing in carbon neutrality and climate justice.


More info:

On March 15, 2019, nearly 300 participants of the Washtenaw County Climate Strike engaged in a 7-hour sit-in in President Mark Schlissel’s office at the University of Michigan Fleming Administration Building — famously constructed to protect administrations from student-led direct action. Organizers presented a broad list of demands, summarized as “a just transition to true carbon neutrality.” As the condition for ending the sit-in in the immediate term, organizers asked only that the administration commit to holding a public meeting of at least an hour with President Schlissel, moderated by a student of the organizers’ choice, with press present. Despite communicating with administrators at the scene and at least one regent during the sit-in, President Schlissel refused to communicate with the organizers. Instead, he — along with Dean of Students, Laura Blake Jones — directed police to arrest the protestors, a violent response to a nonviolent action.

Police arrested and cited ten protestors, telling them that if charges were filed, to expect notification within two weeks. One month later, when confronted about the University’s choice to arrest the students and community members, President Schlissel dismissed criticisms. Instead, he noted that no charges had been levied and said that arrests occurred for students’ own safety because they cannot be left unattended in a building after hours. After another month of silence, commencement, and the departure of most students, the arrestees have just received notice of prosecution and their scheduled arraignment on Thursday.

With most students gone, the administration thinks the spotlight is off. Please come support the protestors to show that the fight is not over!

15th District Court

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