Promote the Vote Canvassing

Sun, Jun 10, 2018 - 1:00pm


Our local AFL-CIO area labor federation, HVALF, (or rather AFL-CIO's Working America
Coalition) has organized a canvass for this Sunday the 10th on the west side of Ann Arbor to
collect signatures for the Promote the Vote state-level ballot initiative, and they are
asking HVDSA and other allies to turn out and help knock doors. 

The Promote the Vote effort features a series of election reforms that
would would implement no-reason absentee voting, give military members more time to vote, let
citizens register closer to election day, allow straight party voting, automatically register
citizens, protect secret ballots, and require audits for election results. 

Reforms like these are important steps to shifting the balance of political power away from
agents of capital and toward the working class. It's also important that we continue to turn
out for and support local labor efforts as unions are a primary means through which we can
democratize our workplaces and the economy in general.


What: Promote the Vote Ballot initiative signature collection canvass 
When: Sunday June 10th at 1PM
Where: West Park in Ann Arbor (exact location in the park unknown, but there's parking lot
off of Chapin St. on the east side of the park next to the baseball field and I'm guessing
that we'll be gathering there). We will be canvassing the surrounding neighborhoods.

West Park