Protest GOP "Lame Duck" session!

Tue, Dec 4, 2018 - 11:00am to 1:00pm


ALL OUT for a protest at the State Capitol! We will be gathering at the steps of the Capitol Tuesday to raise our voices in anger against the GOP for their anti-democratic takeover of our government.

The lame duck session has taken over Earned Paid Sick Leave and the Minimum Wage ballot initiatives and gutted them. Hundreds of thousands of voters signed a petition to put these to a state wide vote; Republicans have taken this voice away from voters and gutted the legislation themselves, "in the dead of night". This is no less than a coup.

Gutting the minimum wage will lead to no real minimum wage increase versus inflation: it doesn't help low wage workers at all. Gutting paid sick time means that far fewer will qualify for it. THIS IS SO WRONG! And it will hurt all Michigan working families (i.e., most Michigan families).

At a time when GM has slashed 14,000 high-paying factory jobs, we cannot stand for this!!!

They are also trying to undermine Proposition 1 and Proposition 3!

In addition, republicans are trying to overturn democratic control over the dangerous Line 5 pipeline! They are rushing through a law that will ensure that the pipeline remains in the Great Lakes for at least another decade, and won't create any jobs. It is an attempt to circumvent environmental regulations and state oversight that are supposed to keep our water and ourselves safe.

Republicans are trying to "democracy-proof" our government by putting into place laws that rob us of our sovereignty as citizens and voters. Fight back!

Let's make sure Snyder, and all Lansing lawmakers, know we are watching and we want our democracy back!!

Michigan State Capitol

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