Public flyering and kiosks: Planning Commission discussion item

Wed, Dec 19, 2018 - 6:45pm to 9:00pm


Are you someone that flyers for community events or someone that looks at flyers to find out about events and information?

Are you a musician, artist, babysitter, handyperson, carpenter, electrician, plumber, computer technician, nail artist, doula, tarot reader, guru, magician, tutor, or someone else in the ‘gig economy’ that depends on public places to hang flyers that advertise your services as a method to survive and thrive?

Are you someone that needs to find in-home assistance, or pet care, or roommates and would like a forum to do so outside of private business bulletin boards?

Are you frustrated about the lack of sufficient noticing for city related business?

Are you concerned that Ypsilanti does not have a news outlet?

Are you low-income and want to know about community notices and public events/services without having to deal with the potential microaggressions of entering a private business?

Do you believe community commons are important for ~reasons~?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then you probably have a stake in the conversation about the public flyering ban in Ypsilanti and the lack of public kiosks.

Currently, there are zero public spaces in the city of Ypsilanti to share written communication, that is considered lawful. Besides online, the only avenue for the city to notice important information or meetings to the public is for staff to tape it to the inside of city hall’s front door 😢.

More information will be shared soon but the short version is that this conversation has been in process and the next step forward is for stakeholders, like you, to come to city hall and express your support for having public places to hang flyers.

This will be at least a two stage process, first by showing up at the next Planning Commission meeting on December 19th, and then assuming that things go well, to show up at a yet unknown Council meeting, likely in January.

Stay tuned for more info! Strike up a conversation with other hustlers and anyone else in your friend network you think may have interest in this! Ask many questions!

If you're someone that does not have the capacity to attend meetings but would like to voice your support, please reach out to any of the members of the Planning Commission to do so. Their names are here, emails forthcoming, but these folks live in your community and are probably searchable on facebook/google (a separate issue to address is the lack of commissioner emails provided to the public):

Matt Dunwoodie, Chairperson
Jared Talaga, Vice-Chair jaredtalaga@gmail
Toi Dennis
Phil Hollifield
Heidi Jugenitz
Jelani McGadney
Michael Simmons

Ypsilanti City Hall
1 S Huron St, Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197


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