The Peoples' Pac Man: A May Day Street Game

Tue, May 1, 2018 - 5:01pm to 7:01pm


Keep May Day fun and tell your boss to heck off as we take to Ann Arbor’s streets for some festive, working-class merriment (and maybe also mischief).

To play the Peoples’ Pac Man, you either join — or create — a spawn point somewhere within the Ann Arbor game map. Each spawn point is a meeting place for a self-organized march (bloc) through the city. The goal of the game is for your bloc to rove around with a big flag proclaiming your bloc while causing a ruckus loud enough to find the other blocs and combine into one super-unified and totally sassy mega-march (kinda like Voltron, although it’s also like Pac Man). But watch out! Sometimes cops.

If we win (all the blocs find each other), we have a picnic!

If we lose (we don’t all find each other), we have a picnic!

Here's the boundaries for our blocs to roam, spawn points to spawn, and picnics to picnic!

⬆️North boundary: Huron St.
⬇️South boundary: Madison and South University
⬅️West boundary: Ashley St.
➡️East Boundary: Washtenaw Ave.

🍉 Picnic at West Park from 6:30 pm onward


Check out our fine selection below, and let us know on the pinned poll which interests you so we can make sure that blocs can expect enough participation. Also convince your friends to come (they never come to anything; what’s with that?).

🏴 Anarchist Bloc: We're a bunch of rowdy folks who believe that communities should be organized around cooperation and care, not competition and exploitation. We like to take the streets and make a bunch of noise. Look for our red and black flag(s)! Join our bloc if: 1. You're sassy; 2. You reject all forms of domination; 3. You got your friends' backs; 4. You think cops, bosses, and fascists can go suck a rock; 5. "There is no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism"; 6. You like cats.

*Spawn Point*: The empty YMCA lot (corner of William St. & 5th Ave)

🦄 Lavender Bloc: QuEer BLoCC!! Look for our lav n black flags!! Join us if u: 1. not gay as in happy, but QUEER as in DOWN WITH CIS; 2. a fan of 80s arcade games; 3. gay af; 4. trans af; 5. 😈 af; 6. can’t drive; 7. can sing every lyric to Lady Gaga’s dicography; 8. hate normies (het and homo normies alike); 9. love often, love radically 💜💜

*Spawn Point*: INSIDE Pinball Pete’s (1214 S University Ave.)

🎒Crimethinc Kids Circa 2003 Bloc: If your thumb is as good as a drivers license and your bike doubles as a record player, we are the bloc for you. Join us if you're homeless and having fun, you haven't eaten anything other than dumpster bagels in the last month, your last bath was in a hotel swimming pool, or your backpack's full of scammed zines. If you're looking for a new lifestyle, drop out and drop in to our bloc.

*Spawn Point*: In the graffiti alley on Liberty (approximately 529 E Liberty St.)

🤡 Rebel clown bloc!! Find us with our face paint and funny clothes spreading radical mischief and making fun of the cops. Come painted or arrive early and we will help you with your clown make up! Kids welcome, things that squirt water (but probs not squirt guns) encouraged.

*Spawn Point*: In the center of the Diag in front of Hatcher Graduate Library.

🐕 Decolonization Station Bloc: If you were hoping to catch the last train to London, Paris, or St. Petersburg you got on the wrong station, cause we're about decolonization. Join our bloc if you 1) think Europe is overrated 2) know that we live on STOLEN LANDS 3) believe in the revolutionary potential of puppers, kittens, or other soft creatures.

*Spawn Point*: Corner of S Thayer & E Washington


Message the May Day Collective page with:

- Your bloc name
- A brief description of what your bloc is about (set the mood, let folks know what to expect, such as whether to look for you in the streets or on the sidewalks, in costumes or dressed in one color, and so on)
- Your intended spawn point (so we can make sure there’s no overlap with other blocs)

We’ll add your bloc to the list on this FB description — and hopefully the list will grow as May Day nears! Spawn point locations with be revealed the day of! Feel free to promote your bloc by telling your friends, flyering, and yelling on rooftops. The more folks we can persuade into this nonsense, the more nonsense there is to be had.

Be ready to march out from your Spawn point at exactly 5:01 pm on 5/1.

Blocs can have all sorts themes, but no m̶e̶a̶n̶i̶e̶s̶, uh, fascists. Here are some real-fine ideas, for starters:

- Feminist Bloc
- Animal Bloc
- Townie Bloc
- Out-of-Townie Bloc???
- Queer Bloc
- Anarchist Bloc
- Party Bloc
- Mom Bloc
- Kids Bloc
- Fashion Bloc 👠
- Nihilist but Still Nice Bloc
- Google Murray Bookchin Bloc (what? I dunno, Google it)

What a bloc can’t represent is:
- An organization
- A business
- A political candidate/party (our agenda is fun, your platform is boring)

#MayDay #FestivalOfFun

Ann Arbor, Michigan



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