WAVE House Parties

Tue, Oct 29, 2019 - 7:00pm to 8:15pm


WAVE is holding house parties in Ann Arbor where you can learn more about how easy it is for you to make a critical difference in upcoming elections by sending emails, text messages and conventional mail to people you know who will be happy to get them. The parties are being held on:

Sunday, October 20. 6 pm
Tuesday, October 29. 7 pm

Get more information including the addresses of the parties and to Register Here: https://forms.gle/kHhPagmwGRWztWGC8

WAVE (We All Vote Everytime) utilizes relationship organizing to get potential voters who share our values to become absentee ballot voters. Students, the working poor and other groups have been shown to be much more likely to vote if they are an absentee ballot voter. We need your help to reach 750 such people in time for them to vote in the November election so we can show that these people were more likely to vote than a control group. When this trial is successful we can attract the funding and volunteer help to deploy the WAVE system and approach throughout Michigan.

WAVE is premised on the observation that people respond better to those they know compared to those they don’t. So far, WAVE recruiters have sent 1,532 emails to people they know using the WAVE system and 232 of those have clicked to get the form to be on the permanent absentee ballot request list.


Ann Arbor, Michigan


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