WCDP Exec Comm Dec 10, 2016 Live Blog Archive

WCDP School Board Unity

[What follows are notes about actions taken by the recently newly elected Washtenaw County Democratic Party Executive Committee. We also passed a resolution re: a "Unity Candidate" for Ann Arbor School Board. See attached image]
I am one of four Ann Arbor Ward 3 Washtenaw County Democratic Party [WCDP] Executive Committee members. There are 66 of us representing all County districts/regions. We are voting on who will lead the WCDP in 2017 today from 1230-2pm at 200 N Main in Downtown.

The four leadership positions we are voting on:
[currently Chris Savage]
[currently Hedieh Briggs]
[currentlyDoug Scott]
[currentlyLinda Horne]

A2 Democratic Party Club members are resolving an issue centered on fiscal responsibility with outgoing A2 Dem Part Chair Mike Henry. Not up to speed on this particular issue.

WCDP meeting is being postponed to deal with this discussion. Conan Smith has said that he thinks this is a topic better talked about at another A2 Dem Party meeting

A2 dem party motion: Treasurer Alex Yerkey may distribute treasurer's report to anyone requesting it.
Motion passes unanimously.

WCDP Exec Comm being called to order. Mary Hall-Thiam is voted in as temporary chair for this meeting only.

Moved and 2nd Chris Savage for chair: He introduces self, Precinct Delegate from Scio Twp. Incumbent chair. Vision is to continue what we are doing to make party relevant to those not currently included. We need to be there at the political level for many identities and interest groups currently excluded from the policy table. I don't see the job as herding cats, but herding creative types which is more difficult. My first question about channeling energy is, "What do you want to do?"

Peter Ways from AAEA is acknowledging no other candidates. He is offering support to Chris with hesitations re: support for anti labor school board candidates. Asks Chris to work on behind the scenes interpersonal interaction patterns that are often perceived as negative.

Derek From EMUFT shares that he thinks Chris is a good leader to bring us together

Mary Hall-Thiam shares that she thinks Chris is a good person to let bygones be bygones.

Chris voted in unanimously

Hedieh Briggs for Vice Chair nominated

Hedieh says she is from Iran. She has been involved as a precinct delegate on the org comm. She is a systems thinker. She serves on several county, district and state level committees. When we need to be present, I want your support. I want your ideas.

Hedieh voted in unanimously.

Linda Horne nominated for Secretary for the WCDP board.
Susan Baskett gives credit to Linda for bringing the Ypsi and willow run school districts together

Linda voted in unanimously

Doug Scott nominated for Treasurer.

Got his first political involvement in NY at a "civic storefront"
in 2008 a bunch of us joined Chris as precinct organizers.
Treasurey: We have 4 accounts .... Each month I take a screenshot of what our account looks like ahead of the board meeting. footnotes at the bottom acknowledging what we do.
I spend money ONLY at the direction of the board
Doug is willing to open books and share info with individual members, is less inclined to publish open books on the internet or to send things over the internet.

Doug Scott voted in unanimously.

Mary Thiam turns things back over to Chris Savage, newly re-elected chair.

Question from Rod Casey: What's going to happen with the video chair and outreach?

Chris answers: We are required to vote on all positions within 45 days of Jan 1 for County and State Committees

Rod notes that some people have been knocked off the board and we need to figure out who is making what decisions moving forward. Which decisions do the Exec Board make? Which decisions do the Exec Comm make? Answer from Mary T is that Exec Comm will make decision on the rest of the officers for WCDP.
Kathy W says we have a Gen Membership meeting on First Saturday of the Month
Chris says we have to make the decision about committees in this body [Exec Committee]

Susan B suggests we do an Exec comm meeting on Jan 7 before Gen Membership meeting that same day, affirmed by unanimous vote

Peter Ways: offers a resolution: needs 2/3 support of Exec Comm to pass.

Jeremy Glick is concerned that this Exec Comm to recommend who to appoint to the board is out of our area of influence.
Doug Scott is good with the resolution as it reflects values.
Another speaker supports this as a values issue, but does not think there is a divide to address.
Edits are being made on the floor, friendly amendments offered.
Peter Ways, disputes that there isn't a divide and perhaps people who haven't attended AA School Board meetings in recent past are simply not aware of this divide. But not enough dispute to not accept the friendly amendments.

Here is the final text of the resolution for a unity candidate for Donna Lasinski's seat on the Ann Arbor School Board. This resolution was sent to the Current and newly elected school board members via email from Chris Savage [WCDP Chair] This resolution was passed with well over 2/3 support, but not unanimously by the 66-member Washtenaw County Executive Committee:

Process question: Is it 2/3 of the majority or 2/3 of the votes cast?

New Motion: We elect committees individually,
Susan B says this will make for a long meeting.
Question posed: Will every individual give a speech?
Friendly Amendment: restrict the speech to a 60 seconds? 2nd

[a bunch of amendments re: the process for electing reps to committees at county and state level.
Process approved unanimously]

Jason Morgan announces that holiday party for 12 District is now postponed

Meeting concluded 220pm