Women's March 2020

Sat, Jan 18, 2020 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Park at Partridge Creek Mall, 17420 Hall Rd,, Clinton Twp,, MI 48038. Walk over to sidewalk between mall and M-59 (in front of Nino Salvaggio, do not park in their private parking lot).

Usual rules of behavior apply friends. No rioting, fighting, stealing, flipping off rude people driving by. Etc, etc, etc. Let's rally and show the country, and the state, that women haven't forgotten. We haven't forgotten they never reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act. We haven't forgotten Kavanaugh. We haven't forgotten Right to Life and the Heartbeat Coalition, we haven't forgotten Obamacare not having to cover birth control. We haven't forgotten they gutted the minimum wage increase. We haven't forgotten, and we are coming to remind them of that. January 2020, we rally. November 2020, we vote. In between we campaign for champions of women's rights and issues

Three years of marching, training, organizing, and building power – it’s all been leading up to this. In 2020, we have a chance to finish what we started three years ago and remove Trump from office.

If you’re ready to join millions of women and allies on the streets, sign up to join our sister action on January 18, 2020.

While thousands march and put their bodies on the line in D.C., we need millions of people to rise up together in cities and towns across the country on January 18th to show that our resistance against Trump is strong in every corner of the country.

RSVP now for the #WomensMarch2020: https://actionnetwork.org/events/macomb-michigan-womens-march-sister-march


The Mall at Partridge Creek
17420 Hall Road, Clinton Township, Michigan 48038



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