The Michigan Organizer was founded in the wake of the 2016 presidential election which saw Donald Trump elected to office. It is our intent that this paper be a tool for activism and organizing, to amplify the efforts of people working toward many forms of justice: Economic, environmental, and civil rights. Specifially, we hope to make activist organizations aware of each others' efforts, so that they can work together. We also hope to make the work of activists known to the general public, so that people who want to get involved can find a way to get involved that will increase the impact of their efforts. Finally, we hope to make the general public aware of any issues on which insufficient work is being done, in the hopes that we can inspire individuals and organizations to take up those causes.

To that end, we have a hand-curated events calendar, which is culled from many sources.

We also present news articles to cover the work of activists, and the issues that deserve to be worked on by activists.