Community Meeting to Stop GM Plant Closings

Mon, Jan 14, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm


GM's announced plant closings are illegal and must be stopped!
1. GM is violating the Moratorium on Plant Closings in the
UAW-GM Contract.
2. GM is violating the terms of the $8.9 billion taxpayer bankruptcy bailout.
It was on condition it build fuel efficient and electric cars.
GM is shutting down the plants
which build and supply these vehicles
to shift production to gas guzzing high profit SUV;s and trucks.
3. GM is violating the terms of the $3.4 billion in MEGA tax
credits it received from the State of Michigan. GM
promised to retain Michigan jobs and not relocate the plants.

Only a mass struggle of the workers, the unions
and broad community can force profit-hungry GM
to stop violating the law and the contract and keep the
plants open.
Let's strategize together to build the movement.

Meeting initiated by Moratorium NOW! Coaliton.
Call 313-680-5508. / Facebook @moratoriumnowcoalition

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