Dem Enter kickoff event!

Fri, Dec 9, 2016 - 7:00pm to 11:00pm


This is the first of hopefully many events across the state with the goal of bringing brand new people into our party ahead of the State Convention in February! Are you already a party member who is active? Come on out and drag those 2 friends of yours who vote but refuse to get involved because "the party is corrupt". Are you that friend? Come out and learn how you can effectively make your voice heard!
There is no cost to attend, and no cost to sign up with the party. The only thing we ask is that you eat and drink well, and tip the wait staff generously since this venue was kind enough to let us have their room.

So far we have the following confirmed activities for the event. More will be added as they are set in stone.
Paul Stevenson representing the Justice Caucus

Michelle Deatrick:Washtenaw County Commissioner and brand new DNC member representing Michigan to Believe in

Justice Deborah Thomas on the subject of transparency and participation

Roland Leggett representing the LGBT and Allies Caucus

Nabil Leach on organizing within a district

Tashawna Gill representing United Precinct Delegates

Jason Overall representing the Young Dems caucus

Hank Johnson representing the Disability Caucus

Christy Jenson on how to organize a field campaign for complete and utter beginners. (This will have a large Q and A segment)

Amy Benchich representing the District 13 Disability Committee

The musical styling of DJ Lena

A special thank you to Michigan to Believe in for lending their support to this event!

US 12 Bar And Grill


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