MARCH for Housing NOW

Sun, Nov 17, 2019 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm


Rent in Ann Arbor shot upward by 15% last year, but most of us don’t need a statistic to prove what we’ve experienced for years—it’s increasingly impossible for those who work in Ann Arbor to live there, too. Meanwhile, those displaced from Ann Arbor are pushing out residents of other cities, including Ypsilanti, where last year, 13% of students experienced houselessness. Altogether, almost 80,000 workers commute to Ann Arbor by car every day, which not only contributes to the fracturing of our communities, but also to the destruction of our environment. The City of Ann Arbor—and, to a large extent, the University of Michigan—has a responsibility to provide for those who are being displaced, and must make good on their broken promises for affordable housing. Join us as we take to the streets and march for social housing—not housing for profit—now. We say: Housing is a human right, and all workers have a right to the city!

Liberty Plaza


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