No Ban, No Wall: Spartans for Sanctuary

Tue, Jan 31, 2017 - 6:00pm to 8:30pm

Here's what we expect from the rally on Tuesday.
The rally will be a place where those who are affected can come understand what to expect. The objective of the rally will be to learn how American citizens can help green card and visa holders, to understand the impact on international students, to give legal understanding to protect against the measures, and to make those who are impacted feel less anxious knowing that there is support.
Please encourage all your friends to come. This will be a peaceful, non-partisan protest with calls to action.

In the discussion comments:
The East Lansing City Council meets at 7:00 on Tuesday, Jan 31 at City Hall on Abbot Road. It would be great for some people to come to the Council meeting after the action at the Rock to tell the Council their views about sanctuary and solidarity. There is a public comment period at the beginning of the meeting.

Also, in the comments:
Hello, I'm a reporter at the State News and if you have been personally affected by Trump's executive order on Muslim immigrants and refugees please feel free to contact or for a story we're writing on its impact on MSU. Thank you.

The Rock, MSU


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