PROTEST!!! Let's Bring An End To For-Profit Prisons!!!

Tue, Oct 1, 2019 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm


This prison is going to house 1800 undocumented immigrants that have committed low level crimes. (Please click on "Discussion" tab to watch our State Senator speak on these undocumented immigrants as he put it).
For-Profit prisons have lobbyists who are at work in Congress and State Houses across the country to pass new legislation that will increase jail terms associated with various crimes, thus directly increasing their companies profits. We have our approval, stamps, poster boards and markers (so people can make their own protest sign!), Porta-Potty (Donated by the Leatherman's 💙) and a peace, love and unders jewelry table (so bring a little extra cash - no credit cards accepted - Thanks to Shannon Donley 💙).
We have a location to park with two LCDP board members assisting car's where to park in the lot through out the event.
We will have our Democratic Party float shuttling people to and from the parking lot to the protest and back to their cars (Our local sheriff asked us to keep the road free from people so cars can drive on it without anyone getting hurt), security provided by our local Sherriff's department. Our protest has been advertised on 9&10 news, Interlochen Public Radio, flyers and personal invitations mailed to LCDP members. 9&10, 7&4 and the STAR newspaper will be on site while this protest is going on.
We currently have 8 guest speakers and are adding more daily so keep your eye's open to this event page!
Thank you in advance for reading this and contributing to our cause! Any amount you can contribute will help make this a success! Please click the "Tickets Available" button to donate.

If you have a group, current candidate running for office or you are a current State Representative, Congressman/women and would like to speak at this event, please contact Mary Minnick - Chair LCDP at 734-629-3082. Thank you.

North Lake Correctional Facility


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