Rally and March to Defend Immigrants

Fri, Jan 27, 2017 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm


This is being organized by the University of Michigan BAMN--By Any Means Necessary--student group. Thus the noon start time.
Friday, January 27th
Gather at the Diag at Noon
Rally and March to Defend Immigrants and International Students from Trump’s Racist Anti-Immigrant Policies

TRUMP MUST GO By Any Means Necessary
No “Business As Usual” Until Trump is Defeated

Join BAMN this Friday as we continue to build the Movement to defeat Trump and his racist movement. Millions of people from around the world mobilized over the weekend to reject Donald Trump's presidency and his worst attacks on women, immigrants, public education and the environment. Our new movement must continue to march forward. Now, it is time to come out to defend the Immigrant and Muslim students in our campus from the wave of racist attacks set to follow Trump's racist executive actions.

Donald Trump is quickly moving on his first days in office to start carrying out his worst attacks through a series of executive actions. Already in two days in office, he has signed executive actions to attack abortion rights, health care, cleared the way for the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines, and begin the construction of a racist wall on the border with Mexico. Next he aims to start his "ban on Muslims" by restricting entry to refugees and visa holders from "Majority-Muslim Countries" like Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Somalia. We cannot allow the creation of a racist American Fortress!

Build the Movement Now to Stop Trump’s Attacks on Immigrants, Democracy and Equality

Defend Immigrant Rights
Stop Trump's Deportations
Open the Borders
Shut down Immigrant Concentration Camps (detention centers)
Defend DACA and DAPA
Defend Sanctuary Cities and Sanctuary Campuses
No Wall, No To Fortress America! No Militarization of the Border with Mexico
Defend Public Education
Defend Roe v Wade
Stop the Creation of a Trump-led Police State
Defend the Right of Muslim Women to wear a hijab, Freedom of Religious Expression and to be Free from Racist Harassment and Discrimination
Defend Our Community Against Racist, Anti-Immigrant, Anti-LGBTQ, Xenophobic, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Semitic, and all Bigoted Attacks
The People Rejected Him-Trump Must Go. The Principle of Democracy ,Must Prevail Over the Electoral College
Build a Mass Movement for Democracy and Equality to Stop Trump's Racist and Misogynist Movement of Hate

Join BAMN. We will not accept the coming to power of a fascist movement in America. No Trump Tyranny!


The Diag


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