Shut Down the Immigrant Detention Camp in Baldwin, MI

Tue, Oct 1, 2019 - 9:00am to 12:00pm


Shut Down North Lake Correctional Facility
No For-Profit Immigrant Detention Camps in Michigan

GEO Group—the largest private prison corporation in the US—will attempt to open Michigan’s first for-profit detention center for immigrants in Baldwin, Michigan on October 1st.

GEO Group is an industry leader in human-rights abuses and deaths at its facilities. A federal judge described their facilities as, “a cesspool of unconstitutional and inhuman acts and conditions”.

GEO has been sued multiple times for forcing detainees to work for food, water and toiletries.

GEO has denied Iraqi refugees water, food and restroom access to punish them for joining a class-action lawsuit to stop their death deportations to Iraq.

GEO donated heavily to the Trump campaign, including illegally donating $250,000 to a pro-Trump PAC. This investment has paid off many times over. Since then their stock has soared and GEO has received half a billion dollars of OUR tax money to cage children, families and adults. CEO George Zoley received $9.6 million in 2017.

Without private detention facilities—and GEO Group is one of the biggest—the Trump Administration would not be able to carry out its inhumane immigration policies.

Those inside the camps are in terrible danger. Those of us on the outside must do what we can to stop these atrocities. Join us on Tuesday, October 1stto take a stand for the immigrants and refugees inside these camps, and to strike a blow at the Trump Administration’s racist immigration policy.

No immigrant concentration camps in Michigan. Shut North Lake down and keep it shuttered.

North Lake Correctional Facility


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