The Barking Boutique Protest

Wed, Jul 4, 2018 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Come be a voice for the breeding dogs left in puppy mills. Warn the public about the source of dogs for this store. #Grandville #endpuppymills

Puppies bought in stores are more likely to have health and behavior issues.

This store is not setting a new standard. It is a shiny front for a dirty business. The business of making money at the cost of companion animals is not acceptable. See our research on the "repututable" breeders, photos and USDA violations at this link.

PRESS RELEASE: Since the store’s Grandville opening in April, 73 of the 110 certificates collected by the state were missing the required vaccinations, including distemper, adenovirus-2 and parvovirus. This shortcoming applied to 111 puppies. Families looking to purchase a new puppy from The Barking Boutique should be asking the store for the vaccination history signed by a veterinarian.

Parking information!
Most of us park on White Street just north of the strip mall The Barking Boutique is located in. We are not allowed in the parking lot as it is privately owned.

We are here to kindly educate the public on the source of puppies for this store. So I expect everyone to be a good ambassador for our campaign.
We have folders with USDA violation records of the breeders The Barking Boutique uses that are available at all our protests as well as some disturbing pictures provided by the Freedom of Information Act.

For those that have never done any activism, this is the place to start. We have an amazing core group that you will fall in love with. Many of us will be lifelong friends. I cannot stress enough what an amazing community we have all become! While our cause is serious, we also do fun stuff like educational booths at community events and frequently meeting post protests for food and friendship. You will not regret joining us!

The Barking Boutique
2939 Wilson Ave SW, Ste 104, Grandville, Michigan 49518