Wayne-Washtenaw Regional Transit Strategy Meeting

Tue, May 1, 2018 - 2:15pm


While the Motor City Freedom Riders and other transit advocates will continue to fight for a four-county RTA measure, we must also ensure that we have a plan B. Oakland and Macomb county leadership are showing no signs of allowing the people of our region to vote on transit this year, and we cannot afford to wait until 2020 or 2022 for any transit progress. The time has come for Wayne and Washtenaw Counties to set out together, to prepare a two-county regional transit plan for the voters on this November's ballot.

The Motor City Freedom Riders have been in ongoing discussion about this strategy with officials in both counties since last summer. Unfortunately, a Wayne-Washtenaw plan has not garnered the political urgency that it needs, given the understandable focus on the RTA. It is on us to force the issue.

Over the coming weeks, we need to mobilize pressure on the Wayne County Commission, the Washtenaw County Commission, the Detroit City Council, and the Detroit mayor's office so that they will:
- negotiate an agreement between Wayne County, Washtenaw County, and the City of Detroit to develop and fund a two-county regional transit plan
- draft that plan through a process of public engagement rather than behind closed doors
- secure the necessary political support in those county commissions to ensure that the plan could be placed on the ballot in the event that the RTA board fails to move its own plan forward.

Join us this Wednesday evening to discuss and develop our organizing strategy to push this forward. If we are going to have a chance at major improvements to our transit system in the near future, we need grassroots public engagement.

All are welcome! Food will be served.

Cass Corridor Commons 4605 Cass Ave, Detroit, Michigan 48201

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